2018 Singlefile 'Denmark Family Reserve' Chardonnay

2018 Singlefile 'Denmark Family Reserve' Chardonnay

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Intensity, with elegance. Powerful, yet subtle. Singlefile has turned out an absolute beauty here.

Creamy notes are carried on the long palate, that lingers through your mouth, purely blissful in its approach. The wonderful aromas draw you in again and again, begging you to return. We know you are lustfully eyeing off the bottle, wondering just how you are going to get everyone else onto the next wine, so you can have all of this one to yourself! Multiple bottles are a must!

It's not just Chardonnay, it's a journey in a glass. One that you will definitely want to take again. We're thinking 'God this stuff is good!!!'

You wont forget this wine in a hurry...not that you want too...

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