About us When you bring together a couple of mates, who then have an afternoon of several bottles of wine, mix in some blind courage & an idea. It is from that The Vine House was born...

Welcome to The Vine House, where we are all about sharing
and sourcing quality wines from incredible producers.

Passionately driven for Wine.

Having started out as a standard email newsletter. It grew from 10 people to 420, which then the natural evolution was launching a website. This amazing growth has been nothing short of incredible and is a clear picture of how passionate Toby, Chris & Tom are about their wines. And we all want to share this passion of quality wine with our customers.

Sharing a culture of quality wines.

With more than 1900 wineries across Australia alone and 28,000,000,000,000 Tonnes of grapes crushed globally, it is obvious we are in a saturated market and choosing what’s good and what’s not is bloody hard. So we’re here to help you in deciding the what’s good and bad.

Care for Producers & Wineries.

But also we’re importantly there to respect the amazing wineries and their producers who partner with us. We see so many stores out there who undercut on pricing and destroy the wine brands that families have worked hard to create over the years. We’re about sustainability and driving quality wines at prices that support those wineries & producers.

Committed to On-Demand Sourcing what you want.

The Vine House is here to provide you with a range of wines, selected by us, which cuts through the noise. Giving you quality, with the goal of showing you what’s new, what’s good and what you can cellar (if you can wait that long?). Also, we want to help you find those hard to get wines, the tight allocations, the special, unique and rare.

Ultimately, we’re here have a lot of fun through the everything we do in The Vine House as we source you the best wines throughout Australia and the world.


Toby Bridges


Toby’s love affair with wine started early in his life, working in hospitality. “If you want to work for me, you’re going to drink wine. Customers need to know that you have tried a wine you are selling them” , his manager told him. That notion stayed with Toby throughout his journey with wine and is never stronger than today.

While his passions extend to many other areas, wine has always held a special place in Toby’s life. His love of helping others find and enjoy new wines, is second to none and he rarely misses an opportunity to expand his knowledge whenever possible. His personal collection numbers in the thousands and its evolution over the years is testament to the changing face of the wine industry. What began with the mighty Australian Shiraz and SSB blends, morphed quickly into Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot, Tempranillo, Pinot Gris and many more.

The Vine House has allowed Toby to bring his passion to the people and help others develop their knowledge of wine. His friendly attitude and want to build relationships has led to many strong friendships in the wine industry and these help him, along with Tom, bring some of the world’s best wines to all their customers. The boys like nothing more than a happy customer, absolutely content with a cracking wine, provided by The Vine House.

In a previous life, Toby worked in Commercial Property and maintains links to this field. His work centres around Asset Management and helping his clients maximise their property assets value. Toby is also a regular contributor to a number of charities and spends as much time as possible surrounded by friends and family.


Tom Kooy


Tom is all about good wine shared with great people. If you find yourself at Tom’s house, you’ll never be short of a tasty meal (typically a big steak) paired with a cracking wine. Whether it be a Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, to a Mornington Pinot & Chardonnay through to Bordeaux’s & Champagne. Tom loves the good stuff, without the pretence.

Joining Toby on The Vine House journey has meant that he can bring together his love of wine & food with his expertise in business. At the core of Tom’s approach is respect. Respect to the producers, the wineries and the customer. He believes that the wine industry has been pushed to caring more about profit than passion for a good drop, so through the wines Tom selects, he is always thinking about what is great value for a price that sustains everyone in the supply chain of the wine.

Outside of The Vine House, Tom is a venture coach on growth strategy. Regularly, he is advising & coaching clients on how to leverage leading entrepreneurial tools to drive individuals & businesses to new levels of strategic thinking, innovation & improved execution.