2010 Plantagenet Museum Release Riesling

2010 Plantagenet Museum Release Riesling

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This is one white wine that you should be buying up right now! This is absolutely lovely grape juice and clear evidence that Riesling should be on more peoples lists!

To set the scene, we have just tried (and loved) their current release Riesling (2017), before the head winemaker poured some of this into our glasses...heaven does exist our friends!

The quality was immediately abundant, from the moment the aromas hit our nose. Those gorgeous kerosene notes, delicately laced with hints of lemon curd and slate (yes, slate). It is hard to describe just how good this is with just words. It is subtle, yet powerful, graceful and lithe, swirling through your mouth and setting off little celebrations throughout, like mini fireworks.

This should not be missed! RARE as hens teeth & simply divine!

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