2017 Ashton Hills 'Piccadilly' Pinot Noir

2017 Ashton Hills 'Piccadilly' Pinot Noir

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Pinot flys through our cellar and across our desks...it is a favourite throughout our offices, yet when this hit, the cacophony and clatter simply ceased...

God this stuff is good! Smokey, earthy notes jumped out at us, drawing us into the 'Pinotphile' trance...smoked duck breast images started floating in front of our eyes, then we tasted it. The savoury cherry flavours and long delicate finish sealed the deal. We were hooked!

It is textural, weighted, almost otherworldly, the cool climate (550m above sea level) combining with the superior quality fruit to produce a simply breathtaking Pinot. 

It was only at this point that we saw the price and someone literally fell off their chair (don't think it was actually the price but we'll go with it). 

This is simply too good to pass up. It is just gorgeous!

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