2018 Domaines Ott 'BY OTT' Rose

2018 Domaines Ott 'BY OTT' Rose

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So you like Rose do you?

And you think that you've had some pretty good ones...think again! Until you have tried the Domaines Ott range, you have not tasted Rose perfection! This absolutely gorgeous creation graced our tasting table recently and with Summer arriving, we couldn't not send it out to the world!

Born in Provence, France, you will not find a better Rose for Summer 2018! It is literally Summer in a glass. Light and fresh, its pale pink colour is a sight to behold. This is the stuff you will be telling everyone about...but not until you try it! 

Close your eyes and imagine sitting on a sun-drenched yacht off Monaco, crystal clear waters gently lapping the hull, music softly playing in the background, you and your friends smack bang in the middle of this setting...now sip this wine...it will take you there!

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